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The World's First Three Piece Back Roller

The Yoback’s patent-pending design gives you three different levels designed to help you stretch tight neck, back and calf muscles and increase your joint range of motion whilst being comfortable and pain-free

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Stop Your Suffering & Experience True Relaxation

😀Reduce stress and anxiety.

😀Relieve joint & back pain.

😀Get better sleep.

😀Put an end to persistent neck pain and headaches.

😀Start your day with renewed energy.

😀Stand tall and confident with improved posture. 

All You Need Is 5 Minutes to Reduce Your Pain.

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Give Back Yoga Foundation
Runners World Magazine
Toms Finds
Mens Health, Womans Health
You Magazine, Sunday Times
Award winning design

🥇Yoback Saves You Money, Energy and Time

We get it. As a tired adult juggling work, family, and other stress, it's hard to find the time and energy to prioritise your health. With Yoback, there’s no need for endless pills, never-ending doctor's appointments, or hour long yoga classes Simply lie back in a position that gradually feels better and better with no effort required.


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Better Than Your Foam Roller

🙋‍♂️Hands up if you actually enjoy the pain of rolling on a foam roller..

How often do you use the products you already own? Is it because they’re a hassle to use, don’t provide the relief you need or are too painful to use?

With the Yoback, you can effortlessly relax and massage your entire body from head to toe quickly, easily and painlessly.

Chiropractor & Physio Approved!

I Made This to Stop My Back Pain, & Now My Chiropractor Is Selling It in His Clinic!

After injuring his back at 12 years old, Gary the founder of the Yoback, spent years relying on chiropractors, painkillers, and a cluttered apartment filled with various products. Recognising the lack of a pain free, portable, and versatile solution to alleviate his pain, Gary went on a three-year journey with his partner, AhYoung, to create the perfect product capable of a painless full body stretch. Read more about our journey here.

Giving Back to Those in Need

We're donating 1% of every purchase towards providing a specialised yoga class for a cancer patient or survivor through Give Back Yoga Foundation UK.

Previously we donated over £300 for yoga mats to help yoga teachers lead classes for prisoners, veterans, and people facing physical and mental illness.

From Chronic Pain to Total Relief: Yoback Customers Share Their Stories

Trusted by over 1000 customers in 21 countries who have used it to provide relief from knee pain, back pain, muscle soreness and increasing flexibility.

"Start feeling better like I do. I feel awesome now because I use this everyday."


Questions We Often Hear

How does it differ from a foam roller?

Isn't it expensive?

Will it fit me?

How long will it last?

Is it safe?

Will it work for my medical condition?

How to care for the cork mat?

What if I want to return it?

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