Alo Moves- Is it worth the money?

by Gary Watts

Alo Moves- Is it worth the money? - Eastnole

Looking for the best online platform for fitness classes practice? Here at Eastnole, Ahyoung and I love doing the Alo Yoga challenges on Instagram. It’s a great way to practice and learn some new yoga and fitness moves with a supportive community engagement.

AhYoung is, of course, the main focus since she can actually do yoga, and well, I suck so... However, sometimes a challenge pops up that we can both do, and back in May we both did the #Aloveforflexibilty challenge. We didn’t think much about it, but a few months later we got a DM from one of the hosts of the challenge announcing us as winners!! This was awesome news and even better news was the $100 gift card for Alo Yoga and the 6 months free Alo Moves subscription. After 6 months here is my Alo Moves review.

What is Alo Moves?

Alo Moves is one of the best online streaming home workout services with a pocket-friendly subscription plan. It is a great platform for fitness enthusiasts, trainers, meditators, and yoga fans to come together and share valuable routines and workout lessons. The platform has innumerable fitness videos. The main focus is yoga, but it also emphasizes meditation. Workouts included are HIIT, pilates, barre, and bodyweight workouts. There is a library of over 2,500 workouts with over 60 instructors. Alo Yoga classes online focus on 4 types of workout categories including mindfulness, fitness, skills training, and yoga. 

How can I use it?

As well as logging on to the platform on your computer, there is an Alo Moves app available on both the IOS app store and Google Play. There is also an active community with the ability to log your classes along with reviews, so you could in theory do it with a friend.

How much does Alo Moves cost?

It costs $20 a month or $99 for the first year (and $200 for the subsequent years) but there is a 14 day free trial, with an email reminder after the first 7 days. Once signed up there is no refund policy, you just get billed to the end of the cycle, which is a problem if you signed up for the year!

Alo Moves Benefits 

  • Extensive Workout Library -  There thousands of workouts from different categories in the library for everyone including pros to learners.  


  • Specific Videos for Enhanced Training -  Fancy learning how to do a headstand properly? There’s a class for that. Don’t want to keep falling on your face whilst practising crow pose? There’s a class for that, too. There are minor errors in alignment and other workout formats if you do not get access to a 1-on-1 yoga teacher or core trainer. With these videos the tips will help you get the best, and safest, practice possible.


  • Mobile-Friendly Casting - There are many types of casting devices nowadays. I use our Google Chromecast and it is instant and easy. If you have an Apple TV you can play it directly from there as well. The Alo Moves has a mobile-responsive design that allows it to be cast from any digital device connected to the Internet.


  • Short & Quick Class Duration - Recently, I have been waking up 30 mins earlier in the mornings and doing a Alo Moves class. There is a class at my studio at the same time, but that is an hour, and I don’t have the time. Using the app I can do a quick 15-20min class that is perfect for my feeling that day, which leads me to my next point.


  • Download Episodes & Classes -  When I was doing YouTube yoga classes, I would spend too much time searching for the class in the morning, and then the dreaded buffer (We live in Vietnam after all) will all but kill my chances of a class. Since the classes can be downloaded onto your phone/tablet, it means there’s no more wasted time and you can practice anytime. Whether you’re on a vacation or spending a lazy Sunday at home, downloaded classes can help you get constructive. 


  • Yoga Series - Instead of just one class, say a backbend class, you can join a series of classes. For example, in the mornings I am obviously much tighter, so I love the ‘Yoga For Beginners’ Series. I can choose any of the 8 classes and know that they will all be perfect for my needs. They also have specific series’ for runners, hikers, crossfit and others.

However, it isn’t all great, there are a few things that I don’t like about it.

  • Poor Search & Filter Options - There are a lot of classes, but the filter option is not great at all, I often spend a lot of time scrolling through irrelevant classes sometimes even if I type in something specific. 


  • The ‘no refund’ option is a huge drawback.  If you paid for the yearly subscription then if you cancel the subscription you’ll still have it until the next billing cycle. 


  • Buggy App - Personally, I haven’t had any issues with the app, but a quick search online shows that a lot of people aren’t happy about the app freezing and crashing regularly.


  • Regular Use - For this to be worth the money I feel that it would have to be something that you would use regularly to make the most of it. For us, we have our yoga studio classes, and I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, so I only use the app maybe once or twice a week.


In my opinion, Alo Moves is a customized and realistic app.  It is one of the best online platforms for fitness classes and the subscription fee isn’t too bad. The Alo Moves platform is an all-in-one place to find your favorite instructors, trainers, and save gym money considerably. Alo yoga classes online are a great way to save time and money if you are subscribed to a paid plan for a year!

However, I would say that this would only be worthwhile if this was your only yoga option and not as a supplement to your current yoga classes. Why not try out the 14-day free trial and see what you think? 


Have you tried it before? Give us your review in the comment box below.

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