Flow and Grow Together

As a yoga teacher, your role is essential in guiding people towards the transformative experience of yoga. 

We believe that the Yoback can help you and your community learn and grow stronger together. Developed by yoga teachers and already on the backs of hundreds of people worldwide, we have seen first hand the benefits it could provide your clients. Plus it's super fun to help build new exciting flows with!

We are pleased to offer a generous discount to teachers from all backgrounds, be that yoga, pilates personal trainers or chiropractors.

Discount can range from 15-40% depending on your order volume. We can also provide you with an affiliate link netting you between £10-£15 per sale if that suits you, too! 

To register, simply fill in the contact form below and provide proof of your training or studio details as well as how many Yobacks you would be initially interested in purchasing (There is no minimum order!). We aim to get back to you within 24 hours!