How The YoBack Helps Reduce Back & Neck Pain

The YoBack helps with spinal decompression which can help to relieve your back & neck pain. It puts pressure on the muscles around your spine, as well as your chest, shoulders and hips.

This pressure allows the muscles to release the tension that is causing your discomfort using what is known as myofascial release.

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Stretch or Relax

The curved angle of the YoBack fits perfectly with your body. The YoBack can be assembled in a matter of seconds so no matter what body part you want to stretch you can do so with ease.

The YoBack is quick and easy to use and is effective for total body relief.

Use the YoBack daily for a host of benefits for your body.

Reduce Tension Headaches- Boost blood circulation to your brain.​

Get Better Sleep- Wind down with some gentle stretches before bed.​

Strengthen Your Core- Use the YoBack to help build washboard abs.​

Cheaper Than A Chiropractor- The YoBack is the same cost as your first consultation!

• ​Relieve Pressure In Your Neck And Back- Ideal for people who sit all day

​Eliminate Stiffness- Just 10 minutes in the morning can loosen your spine.

Improve Your Posture- Sit up straight.

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Did you know that 4 out of 5 people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives? Part of this is due to poor posture from sitting. On average you spend more than 6.5 hours a day sat down!

This causes huge stress on your back muscles.

Use the YoBack for just 5-10 minutes per day to help release this stress and to improve your posture.

  • Targeted relief with the individual pieces.

    Use the separate parts for more targeted stretching. Place it under your neck or lumbar spine and relax. Use it to stretch out your legs to loosen your calves and hamstrings

  • Full body stretching with the full wheel

    Decompress your spine by rolling out on the full wheel. This is perfect for a complete full body stretch from head to toe.

  • Improve your working environment

    Help sit up straight at work by placing the YoBack behind you.

    A straighter spine = a more productive day.

Use the YoBack daily for a host of benefits for your body.