How The YoBack Helps Improve Your Workouts

Haven't got time for the gym? Are you often out of the house on work trips or vacations and can't fit a gym session in? The YoBack is the ideal partner to increase strength and mobility around your joints.

The curved design is perfect for your wrists and if you have tight hips the YoBack allows you to squat deeper without injury.

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"The YoBack integrates with both my workouts and my stretches. It enables my wrists to be in a comfortable position while executing push-ups, and I also get the extra depth at the bottom of the exercise leading to an increased range of motion."

Kane. K. Powerlifter

Protect Your wrists

Do you wear straps to protect your wrists when working out? Or are your wrists weak or painful from sitting at a desk all day?

The YoBack's curved surface reduces hyperextension of the wrists, leading to less soreness and helps to protect the muscles around the wrist joint.

Increase Your Mobility

If you have tight hamstrings and hips, squats can be difficult. The YoBack elevates your heels which changes your center of balance and allows you to squat deeper with less mobility issues.

This also reduces the strain on your knees and ankles, so it's ideal if you have injuries in those areas.

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Workout with the YoBack

Use the YoBack daily for a host of benefits for your body.