Deepen your practice

Yoga wheels are a popular prop in yoga due to their ability to help you get deeper into your backbends and assist you in more difficult poses.

The YoBack can be used as a yoga wheel, and the individual parts double up as wrist friendly yoga blocks.

It's stackable and packable design means you can take it to your studio or on vacation with ease.

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Improve your flexibility and help to prevent future injuries

Use the YoBack in your yoga flow to get deeper into your stretches whilst protecting your wrists.

There are countless ways to use the YoBack

"I would describe myself a "minimalist" yoga practitioner of 23 years when it comes to supplies; I practice with only a mat, block and strap. However, this product is really nice in restorative poses, and helps to keep my legs straight in down-dog"

Rob Schware- Executive Director of the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

  • Protect your wrists

    The YoBack's curved surface reduces hyperextension of the wrists, leading to less soreness and helps to protect the muscles around the wrist joint. 

  • Improve your form

    Downdog is one of the most beneficial yoga poses, but many people can't get their heels to the ground. Use the YoBack to support you in more difficult poses

  • Take it to your studio

    Yoga wheels are big and bulky so they cannot be taken out of the house to your studio or on vacation. The stackable design means it's easy to carry anywhere. Use our YoSling bag for extra convenience.