What is Eastnole?

Eastnole was founded in 2020 and became a reality in Dec 2021 after raising £22,000 ($30,000) on Kickstarter.

Our aim is simple. To create products that inspires people to live their lives to their full potential by encouraging and promoting a healhty lifestyle that involves simple accessible pain relief and exercises.

Unfortunately, back pain is a real problem that affects 4 out of 5 people and it is our mission to provide quality products and support to help you become more flexible, mobile and stronger.

A lot of the advice and workouts that you may see on social media are not always accessible for the everyday person, so we want to build an inclusive community that is dedicated to self improvement of both yourself and those around you.

Together we can grow stronger both mentally and physically leading to a healthier, happier life!

(Photo taken from Don Det in Laos, Asia)

The name Eastnole comes from the Korean word "노을- (Noeul), which means the beautiful glow of the sky during a sunrise or sunset.

This is because no matter what is happening in your life at this time, tomorrow is the start of a new day and a new beginning full of fresh opportunities to better yourself and those around you!

Who is Eastnole?

Eastnole was created by Gary and AhYoung. The idea came about after a 5 hour train journey in Sri Lanka, when Gary had to stand up the entire way and he was begging to roll out his back on his yoga wheel.

Unfortunately yoga and back pain wheels are big and bulky so they aren't easy to travel with so they just stay at home, but of course back pain doesn't just stay at home. So they set about designing the most versatile and portable back pain product they could.

AhYoung has experience as a sales manager for a company that supported major Kickstarter backpack brands such as Peak Design, Top Shelf, Nomatic and more.

Gary has had the bad fortune to have suffered from back pain for over 20 years, despite still being in his mid thirties and the idea of the YoBack was a way to reduce his own pain when travelling.

So far we have travelled to India, Bali, various places in Vietnam, and Korea all with the YoBack easily tucked in our backpacks so Gary can relieve his back pain and AhYoung can practice yoga whilst on vacation.

This photo was taken during a 10 mile hike through the jungle in Vietnam.

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