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The YoBack gives you a full-body stretch, benefiting you from head to toe. It can also help with improving your posture which leads to a whole host of other advantages.

The YoBack is comprised of 3 primary parts called YoBlocks and 2 sets of YoFeet. Using this patent-pending design there are tons of ways to alleviate discomfort with the YoBack. 

Each YoBack comes with a hemp drawstring bag and 2 sets of YoFeet attachments to transform your YoBack wheel into the smaller YoBlocks.

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Benefits of the YoBack

Using the YoBack everyday for just 5-10 minutes can lead to incredible benefits to your body. Don't believe us? Try it free for 30 days and if you don't notice the benefits you'll get your money back.

Fix Your Posture

Sitting all day is destroying your back and neck. Use the YoBack to help maintain proper posture at work.

Imagine having your very own chiropractor anywhere, anytime.

How To Use The YoBack

Product Comparison

This is not your typical back pain product. Traditional back pain products are usually big and bulky and are meant to stay at home. They usually only have a handful of uses. The YoBack's compact and portable nature means it can be taken anywhere and it's versatility is unrivalled by anything in the market today.