Yoback: Not Just Another Calf Stretcher. It's a Gamechanger Against the Struggles of Chronic Pain

Get Relief from Calf, Foot & Back Pain With Yoback in Just 5 Minutes a Day

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Tight Calves, a Red Flag 🚩For Your Future Health

Have years of exercise left you with calf pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, or Achilles tendinitis?

Regular calf pain can trigger a domino effect of health issues, from foot conditions like plantar fasciitis to knee pain and hip issues. Over time, this can develop into chronic lower back pain, poor posture, and even neck and shoulder tension. The Yoback helps by stretching and strengthening your whole body rather than focusing on just one muscle or muscle group.

Use Yoback for only 5 minutes a day to help:

✅ Alleviate pain in your back, neck, legs and feet.
✅ Increase blood flow, boosting recovery.
✅ Enhance flexibility & mobility.
✅ counteract the effects of ageing joints
✅ Optimise athletic performance.
✅Ease sciatica pain.
✅Recover from plantar fasciitis and Achilles issues.

Increase Athletic Performance With Yoback

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Simply the Best Calf Stretch

The ergonomic curve fits the soles of your feet perfectly and the cork mat means you'll never slip.

Strengthen Your Knees

Use two pieces of the Yoback for calf raises and bodyweight squats, to isolate the VMO muscle and bulletproof your knees.

Improve Your Mobility

Increasing your joint mobility and overall joint health allows you to jump higher, squat lower, run faster and walk longer without pain.
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Warm Up Your Spine

Rolling on the Yoback wheel warms up the spinal muscles and connective tissues and increases blood flow, preparing it for activity.

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After Care Support

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Choose Which Yoback Works For You

Yoback Lite

Great For Occasional Pain
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Ideal for focusing on:

✅ Lower back pain
✅ Calf pain
✅ Neck pain
✅ Bodyweight exercises

Plus easily upgrade to the Full Set within 60 days of purchase.


Great For Frequent Pain
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On top of the benefits of Yoback Lite, the full Yoback is great for:

✅ Targeting a broader range of muscle groups
✅ Massaging the trigger points & muscles around your spine.
✅ Improving the flexibility & mobility of your hips & spine.
✅ Strengthening your core.
✅ Reducing the effects of poor posture from sitting all day.

Yoback Travel Set

Great For Pain Relief On The Go
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The Yoback Premium Set combines our Yoback and Yosling Everyday Yoga Bag. It's ideal for people with who regularly need relief on the go or for urban yogis looking for a comfortable yoga mat carrier.

How to Use


Heel-raised squats on the Yoback improve ankle and hip mobility and engage the quads and VMO (Vastus Medialis Oblique) muscle for knee stability. It also reduces the strain on your lower back and allows you to squat deeper without pain.

Calf Raises

Calf raises on the Yoback significantly enhances calf muscle flexibility, reduces the risk of lower leg injuries, alleviates symptoms of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis, improves ankle mobility, and contributes to better overall posture and athletic performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Janette Bury

I bought the Yoback to see if it would help with my knees, calves and ankles. It arrived very quickly, the e-book was easy to use and I started with ankle / Calf stretches. From the first attempt it is obvious you get a much better stretch, I have since used it daily for hip, leg and back stretches. I don't no if the material that it's made of helps but I do find it really soothing to use especially bare foot. I need to work on the back/ shoulder stretch but so far after one week I am feeling my ankles especially are not as tight. The Yoback is extremely well made and the little carry bag is very useful. I would like to see some short YouTube videos showing 5 mins workouts on different parts of the body, ones where you can join in and experience the exercise. I'm hoping after long term use I will really strengthen my legs so I can support my knees Better


Great product
I bought it to help with exercises my physio had given me to help ease plantar fasciitis. I was finding the calf rasies on the step too painful. The Yoback has been a godsend as I can do the exercises without the pain. it is great to stretch calves. I would certainly recommend this item


My physio has given me a number of leg and feet exercises to help recover from plantar fasciitis. What I liked about the Yoback was the way I could do calf raises without using a step, which makes the pain worse. Using Yoback means I get the benefit of that exercise without the pain. Feels great using it.

Sheena Dullaghan

Helping regain thoracic flexibility long way to go but working on it a little every day

John Whatley

Its been really good for my plantar fasciitis problem. You can stretch your calves and big toe and strengthen in ways that other products have lacked. Simple but effective.