How to Use the Yoback

The Yoback is an incredibly versatile product for stretching and pain relief across your whole body. When you buy the Yoback, you will get an eBook with over 50 exercises to stretch and strengthen your whole body. The Yoback can be divided into the following categories: back and neck pain relief, calf stretching and knee pain, bodyweight exercises and yoga poses/flows. 

Check out some example exercises below.

Back Pain Relief

Full Wheel

Use the Yoback as a wheel to massage your whole spine and stretch from head to toe.

Lower Back Stretches

Use one or two pieces of the Yoback to stretch out your lower back. All you have to do is lie back and relax!

Neck Stretch

Cervical traction creates space between the bones in your neck. There are three main variations in this video, starting from the deepest, to the lightest. As a sidenote, I love taking a nap on the last variation!

Childs Pose (Full Wheel & Single Pieces)

Child's pose allows you to pull the muscles in your spine in opposing directions, lengthening the spine, and reducing back, neck and shoulder pain.

Calf Stretching and Knee Pain

Standing Calf Stretch

The ergonomic curve perfectly fits the soles of your feet and provides a solid base, allowing for a world-class calf stretch anywhere, anytime!

Tibialis Raises

Tib raises help to strengthen the shin, achilles and calf muscles. The Yoback's elevation allows for more range of motion for your ankle.

Jefferson Curls

The Jefferson Curl is strengthening and lengthening movement for the spine and supporting muscles. By placing your heels or toes on the Yoback, you can get a deeper stretch than on the floor. Hold a light weight in your hands when you fold forward for an added stretch!

Ankle Stretch

By raising your calves up on the Yoback, you get more range of motion when doing dorsi and plantar flexion leading to increased ankle mobility and less knee pain.

Bodyweight Exercises


Heel raised squats are excellent at improving knee strength, and increasing hip R.O.M. With a breakpoint of 200kg you can add some weight to your squats, too.

Press Ups

The Yoback's curve provides a wrist friendly way to do press ups. It also allows you to get deeper, activating your chest, shoulders and triceps more. Hold at the top or bottom to add in a high or low plank!

Calf Raises

Stronger calves can have a huge impact on your overall health. From improving athlectic performance, reducing symptons of sciatica and preventing injuries such as Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis.


When lunging on the Yoback it is more challenging than a standard lunge. This helps to build core stability, balance and activates the muscles stabilising your hip, knees, and ankles while working on your balance.


Downward Facing Dog

A staple yoga pose, for some people it's hard to get the heels to touch the ground. Place two pieces of the Yoback under your heels and push back into them. This will allow you to keep your knees straight and get a deeper full body stretch. Switch it up by placing your hands on the Yoback instead!

Seated Forward Fold

Can't touch your toes? No worries! Slightly bend your knees and place the Yoback under your thighs. This allows you to push down onto the Yoback whilst still protecting your back and hamstrings.

Free Style

The Yoback's intuitive design allows you to play around with it and design your own fun flows and routines! Use it in the same way you would a yoga wheel or blocks to assist you into deeper asanas.

Sun Salutations

Sun salutations is one of the most common flows in yoga. For people who are inflexible or have limited mobility, the Yoback provides some extra support whilst being comfortable, grippy and wrist friendly.

Double Your Benefits With Our Free Ebook.

Our instruction manual, ebook, and YouTube tutorials will guide you through over 50 easy-to-follow exercises, from simple stretches to bodyweight exercises and yoga routines. 

Better still, you'll get every updated version as we find more ways to use it.
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