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Medical Disclaimer

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  • 1pc

    With YoFeet provided, it makes an arched block. Stretch your legs or your upper and lower back with a Yoblock that can withstand 500 lbs to create the natural flexion of your twisted spine to eliminate pain.

  • 2pcs

    Connect 2 sets of Yofeet and use it effectively for exercise using both hands and feet or for more comfort when using in the lower back.

  • 3pcs - Full assembling

    Connect all the blocks to make a wheel and position it between the wing bones to completely loosen your back muscles.

  • Back pain release and massage

    The Yoback fits between your shoulder blades to reach deep muscle knots along your spine which provide deeper relief than foam roller. It provides a good amount of pressure to help you effectively massage those tight muscles up and down your back.

  • Ankles and Calves stretching

    The Yoback's arch shape perfectly places your bottom feet and provide a lever so you can easily stretch your calves daily.
    The cork mat attached to Yoback gives you a comfortable feeling even when you use it barefoot.

    No more leg cramps at night, too!

  • Functional movements for squats

    Use the Yoback for heel elevated squats. Training with a cork squat wedge block can help non professional athletes perform high load workouts without undue stress on the lower back, improve ankle and hip flexibility, optimize knee stability and prevent injury.

  • No more wrist pain

    The Yoback enables a flat palm with an active, strong grip for reduced strain, a better range of motion, and more reps.

  • All body stretching

    Send you 50 ways to exercise and increase your mobility with Yoback such as shoulders, hip stretching and core exercises, to complete your own home fitness.

  • Getting out of the bad posture

    When at sat at a desk at work try using Yoback instead of a cushion on your back or feet. It will naturally hold your core and reduce the burden on your knees with its comfortable curved shape and soft cork mat.