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"So happy with my Yoback. By far the best gadget I have for stretching. Much more versatile and effective than I was expecting. Defo worth it." Tom Hadfield, UK
🥇"Most Innovative Fitness Product 2023"
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Don't Pop Another Ibuprofen. Pick Up the Yoback Instead.

Traditional pain relief products treat symptoms, not causes. Massages and painkillers may mask the pain, but your underlying issues remain.

The Yoback's innovative, patent pending multi-piece design helps to:
  • Promote better blood circulation.
  • Decrease inflammation.
  • Fix muscle imbalances.
  • Melt away muscle tension and joint pain.

    It offers a simple, effective, and affordable solution that provides a quick, relaxing full-body stretch in only 5 minutes. It's lightweight and compact and can easily be stored in your backpack, home or office for relief anywhere, anytime.

      What's In The Box

      The Yoback set comes with the following parts:


      🐾 2 x pieces of the Yoback.

      🌳 A hemp drawstring bag.

      🧘‍♂️ Instruction manual.

      📖 Exercise eBook with over 60 different ways to use it.

      How does it differ from a foam roller?

      Foam rollers don’t fit in between your shoulder blades to provide the deep stretch your back craves nor are they versatile enough to stretch your whole body.They can also be very painful to use and if you're in pain already, the last thing you need is more pain.

      Will it fit me? 

      We know that everyone's body is unique, which is why Yoback is designed to accommodate different body sizes and shapes.

      We provide clear instructions on how to use Yoback effectively, ensuring that you get the most out of your device and target the areas that need attention the most.

      We are even available for a one on one video call after your purchase to help you find the perfect way for you and your body.

      Is it safe?

      The Yoback is designed with your comfort and safety in mind and it's been lab tested to have a breakpoint of over 250 kg (500 lbs).

      Each piece locks into place to stop it from sliding out, and the rubber soles on the feet stop it from slipping during use.

      Cork is very grippy, and actually grips better when wet.

      Will it work for my medical condition?

      As with most products, if you have a medical condition it's always recommended to check with your doctor first.

      However we have seen customers get relief from such conditions as, sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, arthritis, slipped and bulging disc pain relief.

      Check out our medical disclaimer for more info.

      How to care for the cork mat?

      A cork mat has many benefits over plastic mats, because they are easier to clean and maintain. Cork is also naturally antimicrobial meaning it's resistant to bacteria growth.

      Use either a 50-50 water-white vinegar solution or a mixture of natural soap and water for proper cleaning of your cork mat. Then wipe it down with a cloth and leave it to dry.

      How can I return it?

      We recommend that you use the Yoback for at least 20 consecutive days (or close enough to that) before asking for a refund. This is because it can be sore to begin with and your body will take some time to adapt.

      If it's still not right for you, simply drop me an email at gary@eastnole, or message in the chat box and we can arrange returning the Yoback.

      You can learn more in our refund policy page.
      Shipping & Warranty

      All Yobacks come with FREE tracked 48 hour shipping to the UK, a 30 day money back guarantee, free returns and a 5 year warranty for any manufacturing defects.

      Orders are usually shipped out within one business day of purchasing and you will receive shipping email updates to give you piece of mind whilst waiting!

      Please read our shipping policy or refund policy for more information.

      • Free 48 Hour Shipping For All Orders Over £50
      • One Month Money Back Guarantee
      • Free 14 Day Exchange to the Full Yoback Set

      Yoback Lite

      Regular price €59,95
      Sale price €59,95 Regular price
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      Unlock Lasting Pain Relief With Yoback in Just 5 Mins a Day

      ahyoung lower back.jpg

      Lower back relaxation

      Lie on two pieces to melt away tension in your lower back.

      No more neck pain

      Ease your tense shoulders and neck after a long day of staring at the computer.
      back calf.jpg

      Stretch Your Calves

      Loosen tight calves and increase your ankle mobility safer and more effectively than a wall or steps. 

      Reduce Knee Pain

      Heel raised squats, also known as VMO squats are an exceleent way to build strength in your quads and knees.

      What is the Yoback Lite?

      The Yoback Lite, featuring two pieces instead of three, is ideal for those wanting targeted relief for neck, lower back or calf pain without the extra benefits and versatility of the Full Set.

      Robust 2-Piece Set

      A tighter fit gives it added strength for bodyweight exercises.


      Two pieces can easily fit into your bag for relief anywhere, anytime.


      If you're not going to use the Yoback as a wheel then this is a great, cheaper option. Want to upgrade? We offer a 60 day exchange policy for the Full Set.

      barefoot freindly.jpg
      Yoback Starter Set Benefits.png

      Heal Your Body, Naturally

      The Yoback Lite is great for:

      • Plantar fasciitis.
      • Instant joint and muscle pain relief.
      • Lower back pain.
      • Neck pain.
      • Posture support.
      • Increasing your hip and ankle mobility.

      Yoback v Yoback Lite

      Yoback Lite

      Great For Occasional Pain
      Ideal for focusing on:

      ✅ Lower back pain
      ✅ Calf pain
      ✅ Neck pain
      ✅ Bodyweight exercises

      Plus easily upgrade to the Full Set within 60 days of purchase.


      Great For Consistent Pain
      On top of the benefits of Yoback Lite, the full Yoback is great for:

      ✅ Targeting a broader range of muscle groups
      ✅ Massaging the trigger points & muscles around your spine.
      ✅ Improving the flexibility & mobility of your hips & spine.
      ✅ Strengthening your core.
      ✅ Reducing the effects of poor posture from sitting all day.

      Yoback Travel Set

      Great For Pain Relief On The Go
      premium set (2).png
      The Yoback Premium Set combines our Yoback and Yosling Everyday Yoga Bag. It's ideal for people with who regularly need relief on the go or for urban yogis looking for a comfortable yoga mat carrier.
      Product Comparison Chart
      Yoback Lite Yoback Yoback Travel Set
      Yoback Lite Yoback Yoback Premium
      Price £49.99 £79.99 £94.99
      Great for Occasional pain Frequent pain Consistent pain
      Use for Neck, back, leg Neck, back, leg, full body Neck, back, leg, full body
      Targeted pain relief
      Builds muscle
      Improves posture
      Targets larger muscles
      Dynamic stretches
      Spinal massage
      Sling carry bag

      How Yoback Lite Can Help You Feel Better Immediately

      Back Pain Relief
      Yoback's ergonomic shape fits the natural curvature of your spine and gently stretches it to relieve pressure on your discs, relieving conditions like sciatica.
      Faster Recovery
      Stretching with Yoback increases blood flow, bringing more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, increasing muscle tissue health, reducing soreness and speeding up recovery.

      Improving Range of Motion
      Regular stretching with the Yoback increases the range of motion in your spine and surrounding joints. This improvement promotes overall spinal health and prevents future injuries.

      Improved Posture
      The Yoback encourages better posture by strengthening the muscles around the spine. Use it as a lumbar support on your chair, a foot rest or a calf stretcher for a standing desk, promoting an upright spine and helping to prevent and manage back pain.
      posture supporter
      Relaxation & Stress Relief
      Stretching and exercising with Yoback can also be quite relaxing, reducing overall stress. Stress often contributes to back pain, and managing it can be beneficial. Whether you need a stretch in the morning, during or after work, whatever way you choose to use it - the result is a relaxing “ahhhhhhhh”.

      What Our Customers Are Saying..

      WFH standing desk.jpg

      I've found it really helpful in keeping good posture when sitting at my desk by placing one of the Yofeet between my back and office chair. I naturally slouch over which causes neck/shoulder pain but this helps prevent that. Also really like the feet for stretching my calves.
      Extremely versatile product and would highly recommend it.

      Mark H
      Matt Olick 1 Square.jpg

      Yoback fixed my L5 pain that I was previously unable to resolve with PT..Absolutely amazing... this thing resolved my hip/L5 pain I've been having for the last decade.

      Matt O
      Franky Photo Square.png

      Ex infantry medic who lives an active lifestyle and constantly plagued with back pain due to compression overuse. I mainly use it to decompress my spine after a workout and before sleeping. Back pain has decreased mainly around my SI joints and lower back.

      Olivia Posture Square.jpg

      I am always sceptical about products claiming to fix back pain, but Yoback delivered on its promise. Thank you

      Russ Review Photo Square.jpeg

      Very effective. I have always struggled with my back but already I feel a sense of freedom. Initially it was very tender but now I have got used to stretching and the benefits can only get better using on a regular basis. Highly recommend

      Russ E

      How to Use the Yoback Lite

      Pain Relief & Relaxation

      Stretch out your lower back and neck. All you have to do is lie back and relax!

      Easy & Effective Exercise

      Use Yoback for your exercise routine. Yoback provides your easier and safer movement.

      Trusted by Clinicians & Athletes


      The Yoback is an innovative design for modern spinal problems. Broken into its single parts it's a perfect way to enhance the curves of the lumbar and cervical spine. I would recommend its daily use to improve spinal form and function.

      Paul D'Aifonso
      Great product, great idea. Very good for travelling to bring your yoga wheel. Perfect to use each component for yoga, balance or posture support at your desk. Very versatile, practical and useful..you cannot miss it.
      Alessio Barone
      Harry Lewis Photo Square.jpeg

      Really enjoy using it as part of an everyday routine. Has made a difference to my flexibility, particularly in my lower back which tends to be a major issue throughout the course of the season due to the impact from diving etc.

      Harry Lewis
      Bradford City AFC Goalkeeper

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