"Yoback fixed my L5 pain that I was previously unable to resolve with PT or the Chirp Wheel. Absolutely amazing...Gary you ROCK, this thing resolved my hip/L5 pain I've been having for the last decade."



What Makes The Yoback Unique?

The Yoback’s innovative design gives you three different levels designed to help you stretch tight muscles and increase your joint range of motion and flexibility whilst being comfortable and most importantly, pain-free

    • Myofascial release
    • Spinal Decompression
    • Strengthen your posterior chain
    • Improve your posture
    • Get instant back and neck pain relief

    • Stop plantar fasciitis
    • Develop stronger knees
    • Relieve strains to muscle ligaments
  • Use with your family together.

  • Follow along with our ebook and video tutorials.

  • Workout Effortlessly

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How We've Helped Our Customers

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  • Nope! It’s Two Different Principles.

    Foam rollers are great for what is known as myofascial release, that is breaking down knots in the muscles. They are often temporary fixes. A foam roller is often quite painful to use, especially on particularly tight muscles. It is also difficult to target specific muscles across your whole body due to it’s shape and size.

Improve your athletic performance.

🏋️Increase your range of motion.

🏋️Activate and strengthen weak muscles

🏋️Reduce the effects DOMS and recover faster.

🏋️Stop plantar fasciitis.

🏋️Relieve strains to muscle ligaments.

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