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YoSling 5L Carry Bag *Limited Availability*

YoSling 5L Carry Bag *Limited Availability*

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With our custom made YoSling bag you can take the YoBack anywhere you want. The YoSling holds your YoBack, YoFeet and has adjustable straps underneath to attach your yoga mat or towel. It even has pockets to fit some of your belongings.
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What Makes the Yoback Stand Out?


Key Features Include:

Multiple pieces in one product- The Yoback comprises three individual blocks, which connect to make a complete wheel and two sets of Yofeet. The feet allow you to use each block on its own.

Eco-Friendly- Cork is eco-friendly, easy to clean and grips better than plastic mats.

Lightweight- The ribbed design under the Yoback allows it to keep its strength whilst reducing weight, making the Yoback strong but light.

Ergonomic Shape- It makes Yoback fit perfectly your body parts such as hands, feet, and back.

Strong and Safe- For added safety, locks on the blocks and the feet to stop them from sliding apart.


The YoBack is small, lightweight and very strong:

The complete YoBack weighs 1.2kg

Each separate piece weighs 400g

Tested breakpoint of 251.7kg

Full YoBack dimensions:

H= 25.5cm x W= 11.5cm

Individual dimensions:

H= 9cm x W= 11.5cm


Is there any type of warranty?

We’re offering a thirty-day money-back guarantee to all our customers as well as a lifetime guarantee on any manufacturing defects. We reserve the right to determine whether a product is defective or damaged through normal wear and tear and used as intended and we require proof of purchase in your name for all claims. We can only take returns for manufacturer defects.

Can the YoBack replace physical therapy?

It is always recommended to speak with a healthcare professional as everyone’s situation is different. The YoBack can certainly be used as part of your physical therapy. We will provide you with plenty of videos and tutorials on how it can be used once your receive your YoBack. Check out our medical disclaimer here

Will the YoBack break when I lie on it? How strong is it?

The YoBack has been compression tested to have a breakpoint of 251.7kg (554lbs).

How long should I use it for each time?

We recommend starting with using it between 5-10minutes a day for the first 30 days, simply choose a time and place that works for you.

Once I get the YoBack, how should I use it?
We recommend starting with the 1 or 2 YoBlocks for your spine and building up from there to using the full YoBack. The YoBack will come with plenty of exercises to suit everyone’s needs. The versatility of the YoBack means that there’s going to be an exercise to fit you!

Will the YoBack fit me?
The versatility of the YoBack is what makes it stand out from others in the market. The curved shape of the full YoBack or individual YoBlocks mimics the natural curvature of your spine so no matter your height or weight, there will be exercises for you.

Free Shipping

Shipping is FREE to the UK and Ireland, mainland USA, Germany and Hong Kong, with taxes included.

There is a flat £20 fee for the rest of the world.

Please note import tax might be charged, so please check, or email us at

Shipping times vary, so please check the estimates at checkout.

For more info check out our shipping policy here

  • Leaves No Marks

  • Full Body Stretch

  • Cervical Traction

  • Psoas Stretch

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Save Time and Money

The Yoback does the job of your foam roller, calf stretcher, slant board/wedges, yoga wheel and more. All for one affordable price.

  • Strong & Safe

    The Yoback has a breakpoint of over 500lbs.The locking mechanism helps to stop the wheel and feet from sliding out.

  • Eco-Friendly

    All materials are fully recyclable and the cork mat is sustainable and barefoot friendly. We don't use plastic packaging, too.

  • Built To Last

    With our lifetime guarantee for any manufacturing issues, the Yoback is one purchase that could change your life forever.

  • Educational Content

    Use our constantly updated exercise ebook to find the best stretch for you.

    You can join our private Facebook group and get involved in upcoming monthly challenges.

The Yoback Fits Your Schedule

✈️ Get pain relief and prevention anywhere, anytime.

📖 Instant access to ‘50+ ways to use’ ebook.

📦 Compact and collapsible ergonomic design.

🏢 Designed to be used on the go – home, gym and office-friendly.

Recover Quicker

The Yoback can help you reduce post-workout soreness and speed-up recovery so you can go about your day with more energy and confidence.

"Ex infantry medic who lives an active lifestyle and constantly plagued with back pain due to compression overuse. I mainly use it to decompress my spine after a workout and before sleeping. Back pain has decreased mainly around my SI joints and lower back."