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The Yoback will eliminate your sciatica & lower back pain within 2 weeks or your money back!
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The Most Effective Solution to Treat Chronic Back Pain

As you age, chronic pain in areas like the feet, knees, legs, and back increases, leading to frustration because you can't live the life that you want. You may have tried various methods for relief, only to find temporary results, with the pain returning soon after.

Ignoring this pain could lead to dependence on painkillers or the development of conditions like arthritis, causing a decline in mobility.

With Yoback, you can improve your strength, flexibility and mobility effortlessly and safely, triggering your body's self-healing mechanism and eliminating pain. Just two weeks of use can bring lifelong benefits.

Try it now risk-free with a 100% money-back guarantee..
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Stop chronic pain today

Stop Popping Pills: Switch to Yoback for Long-Term Relief

Yoback is your weapon against the struggles of chronic pain, targeting specifically sciatica, back pain, and leg pain. It's the only tool on the market designed to treat five major injuries—back, neck, shoulder, calf, and foot—at home.

With just 5 minutes a day, you can finally get back to living pain-free.

✅ Recommended and endorsed by chiropractors.
✅ Relieves sciatica, lower back, SI joint, and hip pain.
✅ Enhances circulation and reduces inflammation.
✅ Improves flexibility and mobility.
✅ Helps you return to running, cycling, and hiking pain-free.
✅ Saves time and money compared to inferior alternatives.
✅ Aids recovery from plantar fasciitis and Achilles issues.

Effortless Pain Relief in Just 5 Mins a Day

No more expensive, time consuming therapy sessions, or pill popping needed. Yoback gets you the results you need from the comfort of your own home, painlessly and with minimum effort.

Our 60+exercise E-book includes ways to help you:
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Stop Back Pain

Rolling on the wheel helps to stretch and relax the muscles of your spine, increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation.
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No More Calf Pain

Regular calf pain can trigger a domino effect of health issues, from foot conditions like plantar fasciitis to knee injuries and sciatica. The Yoback provides a world-class calf stretch!
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Ease Lower Back Pain

Lie on two pieces to melt away tension in your lower back and ease your tense shoulders and neck after a long day of staring at your computer.
no more knee pain

Reduce Knee Pain

Use two pieces of the Yoback for calf raises and bodyweight squats, to isolate the VMO muscle and bulletproof your knees.

How Does it Work?

Back pain, specifically lower back pain or sciatica often stems from issues like leg and hip muscle imbalances or pelvic misalignment. It can also be linked to neck, foot, or shoulder pain or old injuries.

Yoback targets muscles and myofascia in key areas like the neck, shoulders, back and feet, addressing overall body imbalances. By gently stretching and strengthening your spine, Yoback restores balance and flexibility, alleviating and preventing pain throughout the body.
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hear from the founder

I Made This to Stop My Back Pain, & Now My Chiropractor Is Selling It in His Clinic!

After injuring his back at 12 years old, Gary the founder of the Yoback, spent years relying on chiropractors, painkillers, and a cluttered apartment filled with various products. Recognising the lack of a pain free, portable, and versatile solution to alleviate his pain, Gary went on a three-year journey with his partner, AhYoung, to create the perfect product capable of a painless full body stretch. Read more about our journey here..

Read Our Rave Reviews

Shep Photo Square.jpg

I’ve suffered from lower back pain for over 10 years, after just a week of using the Yoback I can already feel an improvement. Overall very impressed 

Verified Customer
Kane Calf Review.jpg

I swear to you, these are really good for calf stretches.

Kane K
Verified Customer
Matt Olick 1 Square.jpg

Yoback fixed my L5 pain that I was previously unable to resolve with PT..Absolutely amazing... this thing resolved my hip/L5 pain I've been having for the last decade.

Matt O
Verified Customer
Olivia Posture Square.jpg

I am always sceptical about products claiming to fix back pain, but Yoback delivered on its promise. Thank you

Verified Customer
Russ Review Photo Square.jpeg

Very effective. I have always struggled with my back but already I feel a sense of freedom. Initially it was very tender but now I have got used to stretching and the benefits can only get better using on a regular basis. Highly recommend

Russ E
Verified Customer
I love the Yoback! It's a great little gadget that can be used in so many's perfect for travelling. I took it on my climbing adventures this summer, and the supported backbends came as an absolute treat for my tight shoulders.
Sandra Berlin
Verified Customer

Buy with Confidence

We Promise You'll Love It, or Your Money Back.

With thousands sold and a 1.47% return rate, we're confident you'll get the results you want. However, if Yoback doesn't meet your expectations for any reason, we offer a one-month money-back guarantee.

Choose Which Yoback Works For You

Yoback Lite

Great For Occasional Pain
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Ideal for focusing on:

✅ Lower back pain
✅ Calf pain
✅ Neck pain
✅ Bodyweight exercises

Plus easily upgrade to the Full Set within 60 days of purchase.


Great For Frequent Pain
yoback new main product picture.jpg
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On top of the benefits of Yoback Lite, the full Yoback is great for:

✅ Targeting a broader range of muscle groups
✅ Massaging the trigger points & muscles around your spine.
✅ Improving the flexibility & mobility of your hips & spine.
✅ Strengthening your core.
✅ Reducing the effects of poor posture from sitting all day.

Yoback Travel Set

Great For Pain Relief On The Go
premium set (2).png
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£98.99 £109.98
The Yoback Premium Set combines our Yoback and Yosling Everyday Yoga Bag. It's ideal for people with who regularly need relief on the go or for urban yogis looking for a comfortable yoga mat carrier.
Product Comparison Chart
Yoback Lite Yoback Yoback Travel Set
Yoback Lite Yoback Yoback Premium
Consists of 2 pieces of the Yoback, hemp bag 3 pieces of the Yoback, 2 sets of feet, hemp bag 3 pieces of the Yoback, 2 sets of feet, hemp bag, Yosling carry bag
Great for Occasional pain Consistent pain Pain relief on the go
Use for Neck, back, leg Neck, back, leg, full body Neck, back, leg, full body
Targeted pain relief
Builds muscle
Improves posture
Targets major muscle groups
Massages away muscle knots
Sling carry bag
stop neck pain
Healing shouldn't hurt

More "Ahh" Than "Oww".

Yoback takes a gentle approach to pain relief, using gravity to loosen tight muscles, unlike other products that rely on forceful or aggressive techniques. The multi-piece design allows you to choose the level of intensity you desire without being painful.

Trusted by Clinicians & Athletes

Harry Lewis Photo Square.jpeg

Has made a difference to my flexibility, particularly in my lower back which tends to be a major issue throughout the course of the season due to the impact from diving etc.

Harry Lewis
Bradford City Goalkeeper

The Yoback is an innovative design for modern spinal problems. Broken into its single parts it's a perfect way to enhance the curves of the lumbar and cervical spine. I would recommend its daily use to improve spinal form and function.

Paul D'Alfonso

Great product, great idea. Very good for travelling to bring your yoga wheel. Perfect to use each component for yoga, balance or posture support at your desk. Very versatile, practical and cannot miss it.

Alessio Barone
Get personalised support
Save Time & Money

Your at Home Therapist

Our comprehensive after-purchase support includes:

📖Our ever-expanding exercise e-book with over 50 different exercises and stretches.
🧘‍♀️YouTube tutorials.
📞Personalised support from the creator through emails or free Zoom calls.

All at no extra cost to you. Ever.
See Suggested Exercises
frequently asked questions

Questions We Often Hear

What different between the Yoback Lite & the Yoback?
The Yoback Lite is 2 pieces of the Yoback, and therefore it cannot be connected as a wheel. The Yoback Lite is a great gateway into pain relief as it provides targeted relief, but the full Yoback provides a more comprehensive full body stretch.

The Yoback Lite has been made with a tighter fit between the 'feet' and the main pieces and as such it's too tight to add the third piece at a later date.

We offer a 14 day free exchange should you want to upgrade to the full Yoback.
Whats the shipping/ return policy?
All orders over £49.99 come with free tracked 48 hour shipping to the UK, a 30 day money back guarantee, and a 5 year warranty for any manufacturing defects.

All returns cost £4

Orders are usually shipped out within one business day of purchasing and you will receive shipping email updates to give you piece of mind whilst waiting!

Please read our shipping policy or refund policy for more information.
How does it differ from a foam roller
Foam rollers don’t fit in between your shoulder blades to provide the deep stretch your back craves nor are they versatile enough to stretch your whole body.They can also be very painful to use and if you're in pain already, the last thing you need is more pain.
Will it fit me?
We know that everyone's body is unique, which is why Yoback is designed to accommodate different body sizes and shapes.

We provide clear instructions on how to use Yoback effectively, ensuring that you get the most out of your device and target the areas that need attention the most.

We are even available for a one on one video call after your purchase to help you find the perfect way for you and your body.
How long will it last?
The Yoback is an investment in the long term. It's incredibly strong, unlike foam rollers or other rollers we've seen.

If yours does break due to a manufacturing defect, we'll replace it free of charge with our 5 year warranty.
Is it safe?
The Yoback is designed with your comfort and safety in mind and it's been lab tested to have a breakpoint of over 250 kg (500 lbs).

Each piece locks into place to stop it from sliding out, and the rubber soles on the feet stop it from slipping during use.

Cork is also very grippy, and actually grips better when wet.
If yours does break due to a manufacturing defect, we'll replace it free of charge with our 5 year warranty.
Will it work for my medical condition?
As with most products, if you have a medical condition it's always recommended to check with your doctor first.

Check out our medical disclaimer for more info.
Each piece locks into place to stop it from sliding out, and the rubber soles on the feet stop it from slipping during use.

Cork is also very grippy, and actually grips better when wet.
If yours does break due to a manufacturing defect, we'll replace it free of charge with our 5 year warranty.
How to care for the cork mat?
A cork mat has many benefits over plastic mats, because they are easier to clean and maintain. Cork is also naturally antimicrobial meaning it's resistant to bacteria growth.

Use either a 50-50 water-white vinegar solution or a mixture of natural soap and water for proper cleaning of your cork mat. Then wipe it down with a cloth and leave it to dry.
Yoback for Poor posture

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Janette Bury

I bought the Yoback to see if it would help with my knees, calves and ankles. It arrived very quickly, the e-book was easy to use and I started with ankle / Calf stretches. From the first attempt it is obvious you get a much better stretch, I have since used it daily for hip, leg and back stretches. I don't no if the material that it's made of helps but I do find it really soothing to use especially bare foot. I need to work on the back/ shoulder stretch but so far after one week I am feeling my ankles especially are not as tight. The Yoback is extremely well made and the little carry bag is very useful. I would like to see some short YouTube videos showing 5 mins workouts on different parts of the body, ones where you can join in and experience the exercise. I'm hoping after long term use I will really strengthen my legs so I can support my knees Better


Great product
I bought it to help with exercises my physio had given me to help ease plantar fasciitis. I was finding the calf rasies on the step too painful. The Yoback has been a godsend as I can do the exercises without the pain. it is great to stretch calves. I would certainly recommend this item


My physio has given me a number of leg and feet exercises to help recover from plantar fasciitis. What I liked about the Yoback was the way I could do calf raises without using a step, which makes the pain worse. Using Yoback means I get the benefit of that exercise without the pain. Feels great using it.

Sheena Dullaghan

Helping regain thoracic flexibility long way to go but working on it a little every day

John Whatley

Its been really good for my plantar fasciitis problem. You can stretch your calves and big toe and strengthen in ways that other products have lacked. Simple but effective.