The Perfect Gift For Everyone

There's no better gift than the gift of pain relief and wellbeing! Make a far more meaningful impact this year and get the Yoback for a loved one.

For the one who works in an office.

We don't need to tell you that sitting at a desk for hours isn’t great, so here’s something you can do about it. Use the Yoback to help your posure at work, or get relief from the crippling lower back and neck pain that oftens results from sitting at a desk for hours on end.

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For the one who's always active.

Running, weightlifting, cycling, golf, you name it. Just about any exercise will benefit from increased flexibility and mobility. The Yoback comes with a exercise eBook with over 50 different stretches and exercises to help your loved one perform at their best.

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For the one who does yoga.

The Yoback makes an excellent addition to any yogi's arsenal. The Yoback wheel works like a yoga wheel, assisting you into deeper backbends and supporting you with inversions.

The individual pieces double up as ergonomically shaped yoga blocks. The cork mat provides strong non-slip grip, too.

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For the one who's got bad knees.

Is your loved one suffering from bad knees? Perhaps they have a meniscus tear or had ACL surgery? If so then using the Yoback for heel raised squats, and calf raises can increase calf and quad strength, promote better balance, increase their range of motion and aid in the knee rehabilitation process.

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For the one who travels often.

Is your loved one always driving long distances for work? Or maybe they're always on a plane for business trips and find it difficult to fit in a workout or get back pain from long journeys. The Yoback's lightweight, portable and compact design means it's the perfect companion when you need to stretch in a hotel room. Plus you don't even need to take the whole set, just one piece is enough!

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barefoot stretch 2.gif

For the one who's always swept off their feet.

NHS workers, hospitality staff, tradespeople, retail workers, factory workers and any type of go-getter will know all about sore feet at the end of their workday. What they don't know is that the Yoback probably provides the best calf stretch on the planet. Seriously. 

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For the one who loves healthy gadgets.

You know the ones. Every Christmas or birthday they need the latest gadget. The best smart watch, the coolest clothes etc. Why not give them them the last gadget they'll ever need. With no batteries, and a 5 year warranty it may even be the best one yet!

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