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Yoback: Not Just Another Calf Stretcher.
It's a Game-Changer Against the Struggles of Chronic Pain.

Yoback Provides a Stretch That's Not Only Deeper but Also Safer Than Using a Curb, Wall, Rocker, or Slant Board.

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Tight Calves, a Red Flag 🚩For Your Future Health

Have you ever suffered from excruciating calf cramps at night, DVT or injuries such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints or Achilles tendinitis?

Regular calf pain can trigger a domino effect of health issues, from foot conditions like plantar fasciitis to knee pain and hip issues. Over time, this can develop into chronic lower back pain, poor posture, and even neck and shoulder tension. 

Use Yoback for only 5 minutes a day to help:
✅ Alleviate pain in your feet, ankles & knees.
✅ Boost blood flow.
✅ Enhance flexibility & ankle movement.
✅ Stop nighttime leg cramping.
✅ Optimise athletic performance.
✅Ease sciatica pain.
✅Recover from plantar fasciitis and Achillies issues.

Yoback Stretches & Strengthens Your Whole Posterior Chain

Unlike traditional calf stretching tools like calf rockers and slant boards, the Yoback's unique three-piece design stretches and strengthens your whole posterior chain, fixing muscle imbalances, reducing muscle soreness and increasing mobility.
Yoback is not just a calf stretcher. From increasing your range of motion to dramatically reducing the risk of injuries, the Yoback is the missing piece in your daily routine and a great addition to your home gym.
Versatile: Yoback is more than just a calf stretcher. With over 50 ways to use across your whole body stretching you from head to toe.
Portable: Yoback's innovative three piece design is lightweight and fits in any backpack.
Safe & Grippy: Calf rockers are very unstable. The Yoback's rubber sole sticks to the floor and the cork mat grips to your feet for a non-slip safer stretch. Yoback also has a lab tested breakpoint of over 250kg (500lbs).
High Quality: Say goodbye to ugly medical looking tools. Yoback's sleek, chic design looks great at home, the gym or the office.
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Build Stronger, More Resilient Legs

Simply the Best Calf Stretch

The ergonomic curve fits the soles of your feet perfectly and the cork mat means you'll never slip.
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Strengthen Your Knees

Use two pieces of the Yoback for calf raises and bodyweight squats, to maximise your range of motion and bullet proof your knees.
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Prevent Bunions

The ribbed inside of the Yoback is ideal for stretching and mobilising your toes, preventing and reducing bunions.

Upgrade Your WFH Station

If you have standing desk, the Yoback is an excellent tool to stretch your legs whilst working on your emails!

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Our Wellness Promise

If you aren't 100% satisfied with Yoback within 30 days we'll give you your money back.

Online Support

Unlimited Zoom calls for personalised support. Email and chat available 7 days a week.

Giving Back

1% of every purchase goes towards a specialised yoga class for a cancer patient or survivor aiding treatment effects.

How to Stretch Like a Pro with Yoback

Poor ankle mobility and calf pain can lead to a host of other issues if not treated.

With over 50 different ways to use, the Yoback is the all in one stretching tool like no other on the market today.
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1. Full Body Stretch

Tight calf muscles can cause imbalances in gait and posture, putting stress on the lower back. Use the full wheel to roll out your spine and stretch from head to toe.
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2. Sciatica Relief

Calf pain can be a result of sciatica. Lie back and relax on two pieces to melt away tension in your lower back and massage your sciatic nerve.

3. Yoga

The Yoback doubles as a yoga wheel and ergonomic yoga blocks. Using it in downward dog is excellent if you can't get your heels to the ground.
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4. Stop Neck Pain

Extended sitting can tighten your calves and tense your neck. Turn to Yoback for targeted relief that tackles both issues.
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Yoback - Eastnole

How Our Customers Have Found Relief With the Yoback

"Very effective. I have always struggled with my back but already I feel a sense of freedom. Initially it was very tender but now I have got used to stretching and the benefits can only get better using on a regular basis. Highly recommend."


"Absolutely a life changer for my lower back pain, really eased my pain, also great for calf stretches and shoulders."

Mark Cory

"Only had the yo back about a week but can feel it is helping already, also love the versatility for use on different areas of the body and how portable it is. It’s also very sturdy."

Steve W

"It’s much more effective than my old foam roller for my lower back and shoulders"

Paul S

"This product is a great idea - I’ve used it every day. Simple to use, wonderful results in stretching problem areas for me (feet, calves) and wonderful for building confidence in back bends. Love it!"

Janie V
"I bought the Yoback because it had multiple uses and looked lightweight strong and portable. Needless to say it has lived up to my expectations 110%. Excellent product. Thank you"
Warren G
"Love this product so much. Its compact so doesn't take up tons of room, yet really versatile so you can get a really good overall full body stretch. You can start of small by breaking it sown, and then move onto the full ring when you have git more confident and flexible...its a fabulous piece of kit!"
"It looks a bit daunting when fully assembled but after a few days away with backache I was very glad to get home and find it had arrived and I could try it - felt great."
Stephen H

Chiropractor & Physio Approved!


The Yoback is an innovative design for modern spinal problems. Broken into its single parts it's a perfect way to enhance the curves of the lumbar and cervical spine. I would recommend its daily use to improve spinal form and function. Another great feature is its convenient design. Making it easy to travel with is an added plus for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Dr. Paul D'Alfonso

Great product, great idea.

Very good for travelling and bring your yoga wheel. Perfect to use each component for yoga, balance or posture at your desk.

Very versatile, practical, useful…you cannot miss it

Alessio Barone
Senior Physiotherapist and Director

The Most Versatile Pain Product On The Market

Unlike other products you don't use very often, Yoback provides endless possibilities, ensuring you're at your best every day.
Whether you need relief from backache, to improve your yoga practice, to upgrade your WFH environment, or want a portable companion for on-the-go relief during travels, Yoback has you covered.

Three-Level Curvature

Yoback's innovative three piece design gives you numerous ways to stretch and massage your whole body.


Multiple Products in One

Massage, relaxation, mediation, yoga, stretching, bodyweight exercises, and posture support. All in one compact and portable device.



Traditional products stay at home, but pain haunts you regardless of the location. Yoback can easily fit in your backpack to take to work the gym or even on holiday.

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"Really Enjoying Using It as Part of an Everyday Routine." Harry Lewis, Bradford City Goalkeeper

Excellence In Every Detail

Built To Last

Yoback has a tested breakpoint of 500lb (254kg).
Comes with a 5 year guarantee for any manufacturing issues.
Our unique locking system stops the wheel and feet from sliding out.

Premium Design

No more ugly medical looking devices.
Cork mat and recyclable plastic for you and the environment.
The ergonomic curved pieces fit you and your body, regardless of your body shape.

After-Sales Support

Unlike other companies, the purchase is only the start of our relationship.
Use our exercise eBook to learn new stretches and routines.
Need further guidance? Schedule a free call anytime for personalized exercise recommendations.